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Scholarship Council Canada – Education for all

Education is a basic right for all humans. However, not all of us can enjoy this right due to a lack of financial resources. Scholarship Council Canada is committed to bridging that gap. Therefore, We believe lives can be changed for the better through education. So, we want to give back to the community and the best way is to help others get an education. Scholarship Council Canada is focused on delivering scholarships for students who have good academic records and need financial support. Winning a scholarship will significantly reduce the stress on families. While the requirement to maintaining grades keeps the student motivated and focused on their studies.

As we know that everyone in the world doesn’t have that opportunity to get an education due to financial barriers. Scholarship Council Canada has accepted this challenge and therefore assure you that if you demonstrate courage to take a step forward, then you will get the help you need to succeed.


Scholarships for international students

Scholarship Council Canada is accepting applications from students all over the world who are applying for scholarships in Canada.

All in all, helping people and educating others are steps towards a civilized and modern world. Let’s join hands for better education. Today, Scholarship Council Canada is ready to help you. Give us a commitment that you will help others by “EACH ONE TEACH ONE”.


All New Scholarships

Are you willing to study abroad to have quality education and can’t afford it?
Over 4800 high school fully funded scholarships of Canada are available for you
3000 scholarships of undergraduate programs in Canada are there just for you!!!

There are more than 14000 postgraduate and Ph.D. Scholarships for you to make your dream of quality education successful.
So why not avail these scholarships when they are waiting for you to aid in your journey of quality education.

Students from all over the world can apply for this!!!!

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Scholarship Countries


Scholarship Universties