Scholarship Council

Scholarship Council  is an organization that believes in providing opportunities to students from around the world to continue their education at world-class universities from around the globe. We believe in equity and strive to help students to start their journey of becoming successful professionals in their field of choice.

The Scholarship Council  is a legal entity that provides international scholarships support from many colleges, universities, and groups of people to remove financial barriers for talented students from around the world without any discrimination.

We are helping students to obtain merit-based and need-based scholarships. Students can earn scholarships by meeting or surpassing certain standards which have been set by the Scholarship Council  and their affiliate institutions.

Merit scholarships will be awarded based on academic achievement as well as extra-curriculum that demonstrates a special talent and trait.

Without any discrimination, International Scholarships are open for everyone as per Scholarship Council  policies which are prepared under a large number of educational and community incorporations.

It is possible that Scholarships offered might cover the entire cost of your course of study or it might be a one-time award of a few hundred dollars. The scholarships grant does not mean that it will continue till the end once awarded, educational bodies have their own policies that are applicable after securing the grant.

Those Students who get scholarships need to make sure that they are maintaining the required grades and standards set by the college or university that has awarded the scholarships.


What Make Us Spcecial?


Our Mission

Scholarship Council Canada empowers the students from around the world so they can remove financial and academic barriers to pursue further education and to help them achieve the qualifications of their dreams. Our moto is “Education for All”.

Our Vision

We want to become the number 1 information platform for scholarship related data. We want that our platform is choice for scholarship information dissemination for universities, and information collection for students and parents. We wish to achieve this by providing timely, transparent and complete information to our key stakeholders in a user-friendly manner.

Core Values

• Quality and Accuracy
• Transparency
• Being Ethically Responsible
• Accountability
• Commitment to Customer Service
• Community Service

A Great Place to Grow