College and university scholarships are a convenient way to complete your education. Many students are confused about how the entire process works. How is the money awarded and what can you spend it on? Read all the steps carefully before you apply. After reading all the steps if you have further questions click FAQs on apply page.


Step one:

Experienced and dedicated staff at Scholarship Council  will review application packs of all potential candidates. Our staff will look at your academic performance, field of study, co-curricular experience and future potential in order to assess the level of interest our education partners will show in your application. We will assign your application a code based on its potential ranking.

Step two:

Based on your application’s ranking, our staff may recommend you to take some further learning. These recommendations may include working on your language skills or improving a particular aspect of your application. In case your application has ranked acceptable, we will forward this to our education partners.

Step three:

Successful applicants will receive an offer letter that will contain information about their program and scholarship.

Step four:

Scholarship Council  advisors will guide the successful candidates about further process to obtain travel permits and other requirements.

Step five:

Scholarship funds are directly transferred to relevant educational institutions and you are good to go.


Eligibility Criteria Financial assistance and Scholarships are available for students at undergraduate, postgraduate, master and PhD levels in Scholarship Council  selected public and private sector accredited educational institutes around the world. The eligibility of candidate is determined by grades achieved throughout his/ her academic career, co-curricular performance and the chosen field of study. Some of our partners require candidates to take a qualifying test to obtain a scholarship. Some scholarships will be for a limited period, others will continue till completion of the program. Most scholarship holders will be required to maintain minimum Aggregated Grade Points Average (AGPA). Any student who drops out of the program will be replaced by other candidates on the waiting list. All disciplines will be kept open. Scholarship Council Board will decide whether to include or exclude any discipline keeping in view its grant, program fee and other related costs.