Scholarship Council

Help you get Fully funded scholarships from a college/university of your choice.

Have access to other funds that you may be able to benefit from.

Guide you in improving your profile for future scholarship opportunities.

Advise you about your academic, communication, and/or co-curricular aspects that will help you in improving your profile for the future.

Help you prepare a personal improvement plan (PIP) for your future reference.

Make sure to follow the instructions and complete all mandatory fields. Submitting false information is a criminal offense and leads to disqualification.

  1. Don’t take the pressure. Remember, the “opportunity” is a chance to avail. A positive approach will enable you to reach your dream destination.
  2. Scholarship Council  has no agents, nor anybody can influence to get you a scholarship, it is a merit-based system.
  3. Scholarship Council  will never ask for your credit card or bank account number via phone, email, or any other direct communications to transfer the scholarship funds.
  4. Never share a credit card or bank account number with unauthorized users who may be claiming to transfer funds into your account. If your application is approved, funds will be transferred directly to a college/university or other relevant organizations.

Protecting Your Identity is Our Priority

Reduce Risk of Identity Theft When Applying for fully-funded Scholarships

Identity theft can happen when offenders access personal data such as names, Social Security numbers, and financial information. Take the following precautions to reduce your risk when applying for scholarships:
  1. Apply for the scholarship by electronically filling application form only.
  2. After completing the online form, exit the application and close the browser; any cookies created during your session will be deleted automatically
  3. Don’t share your application ID and answer security questions with anyone, even if that person is helping you fill out the Scholarship application form.
  4. Do not share your personal information over the phone as Scholarship Council  has the policy to verify your information directly from educational bodies you have studied with.
  5. Keep your application form sent by Scholarship Council  via email.
  6. Immediately report if you receive any call or email asking for your personal and financial information at:

How Scholarship Council Keeps Your Information

Scholarship Council  cares about the privacy of your personal information. The information you shared by applying by electronic center goes through a process called encryption. Encryption uses a scientific formula to ascent your data into a format that is incomprehensible to a hacker. This is how Scholarship Council  keeps your information safe—but you need to do your part as well.

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