Al Ghurair STEM Scholars Program for Young Arab Citizens, 2021

Al Ghurair STEM Scholars Program for Young Arab Citizens, 2021

Applications are invited for Al Ghurair STEM Scholars Program for Young Arab Citizens for the year 2021. The scholarship supports students to pursue Bachelors’s and Master’s degree programme within the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM).
The Foundation expects scholars to be the longer-term generation of leaders for the Arab World and to contribute to the event of their communities. Therefore, Al Ghurair STEM Scholars have an ethical obligation to measure within the Arab World after graduation and use their acquired skills and knowledge to amplify the impact of their education in their communities.
The Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for education provides access to opportunities for high-achieving, underserved Emirati and Arab youth.

• Applications Deadline: January 27, 2021
• Course Level: The studentships are available to pursue bachelor’s and master’s degree programme.
• Study Subject: The studentships are awarded within the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM). The eligible degree programs offered at An-Najah National University are:
• Bachelor of Science in engineering
• Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
• Bachelor of Science in EE
• Bachelor of Science in Building Engineering
• Bachelor of Science in industrial management
• Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning Engineering
• Bachelor of Science in engineering
• Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering
• Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication Engineering
• Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
• Bachelor of computing
• Bachelor in computing Apprenticeships
• Bachelor of Management Information Systems
• Bachelor of Networks and knowledge Security
• Bachelor of Pharmacy
• Bachelor of Nursing
• Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences
• Bachelor of Medical Imaging Sciences
• Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Sciences
• Bachelor of Physiotherapy
• Award: Students will receive partial or full support for his or her tuition. Housing, insurance, and living cost.
• Number of Awards: Numbers aren’t given.
• Nationality: Students from Arab Countries
• The award is often taken at Arab Countries
• Eligible Countries: Students from Arab Countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, the Palestine Liberation Organization, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. Note the absent country: Iran is eligible to use for this application programme.
• Entrance Requirements:
• Arab citizen from who doesn’t have another citizenship.?
• Be in financial need and able and willing to supply proof of monetary need.
• Age 17-30 years old.
• Earned no but an 85% GPA in high school (if applying as a replacement student to an undergraduate degree) or no but a 3.2 at university (for an existing student who completed 50% at most of their course of study requirements)?
• Be proficient within the language of the program (English/French) to standards acceptable by top universities. Be admitted to at least one of our partner universities for an undergraduate or graduate degree during a STEM-related program or getting to apply before the respective deadline.
• Preference are going to be given to applicants who have lived within the Arab World for a minimum of 12 years of their life
The Al Ghurair Foundation also considers the financial need of applicants. Applicants may need to submit supporting documentation to the inspiration regarding their financial needs. Applicants must even be accepted into one of the chosen STEM undergraduate degree programs.
• English Language Requirements: All applicants need to write English essays as a part of their program application. However, for college kids only applying to our French partner university, the assessment of essays (especially for grammar and language) will take into consideration that the scholar wouldn’t be studying in English. We encourage all students to try to do their best in writing these essays and develop compelling ideas, no matter university choice.

How to apply

Scholarship Council Canada has electronic application center, fill in the form and upload your documents. Upon successful application submission, you will receive an acknowledgment and electronic payment receipt. Keep it safe as a reference and wait for the outcome. Scholarship Council Canada team will take care of your further process upon qualifying.

Official Scholarship Council Canada Website:

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