Binational Bachelor of Teacher Education / Integrierter Bachelorstudiengang Lehramt Sekundarstufe 1 (German-French)


Four year certification in liberal arts

In collaboration with

Université Nice Sophia Antipolis

Instructing language




Courses are held in German and French.

Program span

6 semesters


Winter semester

More data on start of studies

It is suggested that new understudies start in the colder time of year semester.

Application cutoff time

15 June for the accompanying winter semester

Educational expenses per semester in EUR


Joint degree/twofold degree program



The binational program trains educators for optional schools in France and Germany. The understudies start their examinations in either Freiburg or Nice (generally in their nation of origin, year 1), preceding the second and the third Bachelor’s year are spent and concentrated together, first in Freiburg, then, at that point in Nice, in binational accomplices. A direction week before the subsequent year readies the understudies for this binational, bicultural and furthermore bilingual examination and showing experience (during this week, they get a prologue to intercultural correspondence just as to German-French history and current relations, for instance).

The fields of study for the most part incorporate two majors (German and French), instructive sciences, and school practice.

Uncommon accentuation lies on a few times of useful preparing in the two nations, which acclimates the understudies with the diverse instructive frameworks.

An intercultural measurement is at the core of the program. French-and German-talking understudies total their investigations one next to the other and can help each other as they work in couples.

A binational Master’s program in instructor training is coordinated by PH Freiburg, ESPE Nice, and the Staatliche Seminare für Didaktik und Lehrerbildung Freiburg.

How to Apply

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