Greece Scholarships 2021-2022: Verified List of Top 5 Top Scholarships in Greece

Greece Scholarships 2021-2022: Verified List of Top 5 Top Scholarships in Greece

Are you curious about a scholarship in Greece within the 2021-2022 session? You’ll be happy to understand that there are a couple of scholarships in Greece that permit you to study in this country for free of charge or at a lesser cost. The country features a long tradition of education and therefore the provision of scholarships. In Greece, the scholarship system of the govt is maintained and coordinated through the State Scholarship Foundation (IKY). However, there are some private scholarships and university-based scholarships also. Aside from that, all institutes of upper education in Greece need to give merit-scholarships to a quarter of the scholars.
Bachelor’s level programs are tuition-free in Greece but masters and doctoral education has tuition-free. Plus, there are costs of accommodation, transport, and living. Albeit there are scholarships in Greece, they’re granted to a little number of recipients. We’ve picked the highest 5 scholarships in Greece which will support students with these costs. You’ll browse the list below to urge details on these top 5 scholarship programs in Greece.

#1 Scholarship Council Canada Scholarship’s
The Scholarships Council Canada provides scholarships to foreign students for pursuing postgraduate studies and conducting postdoctoral research in Greece. Scholarships also are offered for the study of the Greek language and culture. The inspiration provides scholarships periodically to students of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki for summer courses through THYESPA and IASON programs. Scholarships are awarded in several disciplines to students through inspiration. There are a variety of processes for the programs. The inspiration has many programs for providing scholarships for local and foreign students. To understand more, view the website of the inspiration.

#2 Aristotle University Scholarships

There are many scholarships available for foreign students of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Foreign students can apply for scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at any of the university’s schools. Also, students of universities abroad can apply for scholarships for attending the Summer Intensive Course offered by the varsity of Greek Modern Language. Aside from this, students of postgraduate studies can get scholarships for conducting research in areas of humanities for up to 3 months. There are many other scholarships also available at this university for foreign students. You’ll visit the website of the university to urge more information regarding the scholarships offered there.

#3 Bodossaki Foundation Scholarships

This foundation has awarded scholarships to a lot of scholars in order that they’ll pursue their education in Greece. The scholarships are granted to outstanding students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The scholarship committee and science committee publish announcements for the scholarships from time to time and every one of the standards, terms, and conditions, and procedures for application are provided within the announcement. So, if you’re also curious about scholarships in Greece then do visit the foundation’s website and stay tuned for the announcement of its scholarships.

#4 Leventis Foundation Awards

These are scholarships in Greece meant specifically for Nigerians. They’re awarded for studies at Alba Graduate graduate school, which may be a nonprofit institution providing undergraduate and graduate studies. Both MBA and MSc. Programs in full-time and part-time frameworks are covered under the scholarship program. So as to be eligible, students must have completed a bachelor’s degree and possess a minimum of 3 years of labor experience. For the MBA program, the program provides 100% tuition fees, 100% accommodation cost, and therefore the monthly amount for living expenses. For Mac., the program provides 60% of scholarship fees. More details are provided through the website of the inspiration.

#5 The French School at Athens Scholarships

The French School at Athens may be a foreign institute in Greece. It awards 60 scholarships per annum. The duration of those scholarships is 1-2 months but a student can get this scholarship twice. So as to become eligible for this scholarship, students must be enrolled in doctoral studies and complete research add specific areas that need them to return to Greece. The scholarship provides a hard and fast allowance for the value of transport and stay. However, insurance isn’t provided under the scholarship program. To understand the procedure for applying, attend the website of The French School at Athens.

How to apply

Scholarship Council Canada has electronic application center, fill in the form and upload your documents. Upon successful application submission, you will receive an acknowledgment and electronic payment receipt. Keep it safe as a reference and wait for the outcome. Scholarship Council Canada team will take care of your further process upon qualifying.

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