Iceland Scholarships 2021-2022: Application Window Open!

If you haven’t considered Iceland as a destination for further studies, then you would possibly be missing out on some quality education opportunities. Iceland welcomes foreign students per annum for studies in several fields including Icelandic studies, Natural Sciences, Electronics, and Energy. The country does this to market ethnic and cultural diversity. Although it’s alittle country with alittle population, Iceland is home to 7 universities. The education is top-notch in these universities.
One of the great things in Iceland is that there’s no tuition fee publicly universities. Students only need to pay non-refundable registration fees. The value of education privately universities of Iceland, which charge tuition fees, is additionally low compared to European countries. Even with the affordable cost of education, there are a couple of scholarships in Iceland for local and foreign students.

2021 Iceland Scholarships

Out of those, we’ve listed the highest 5 scholarships in Iceland. They cover specific programs at particular universities in Iceland.
• Government of Iceland Scholarship:
Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture of Iceland gives out scholarships to students to review Icelandic language. The amount of scholarships is 17 and it’ll tend to those students who have completed a minimum of one year of studies during a subject of humanities. The scholars should have prior familiarity with Icelandic language and therefore the preference are going to be given to those that are but 33 years old.

The study of the Icelandic language includes both understanding the language (reading, writing, and speaking) and getting conversant in the Icelandic literature and history. Students from variety of nations are eligible to use for this course including countries of Europe, the UK, and therefore the USA. The quantity of the scholarship covers the registration fee of the course and a monthly stipend that permits the scholars to hide their living expenses. The international students are expected to arrive in Iceland before the term officially starts as they’re alleged to attend an introductory session where they’re going to be briefed on the program requirements and curriculum.
• University of Iceland Scholarships:
The University of Iceland features a number of scholarship programs in situ for both staff and therefore the students related to the university. The Assistantship fund enables the teachers to rent currently enrolled students to assist them with research and teaching. This fund helps the scholars develop professional skills and also allows them to earn some money on the side.

The Doctoral Grants and therefore the Research Grants enable the senior teaching staff to fund their research activities. The candidates for the doctoral studies also enjoy these grants as they facilitate in increasing the research base of the university.
The Travel Fund lets the scholars attend research and study conferences at the expense of the university. The Scholarship Fund is supposed to support students’ projects and other academic activities. Those that qualify for the grant get sponsorship for his or her studies.

• United Nations University, Iceland Scholarships:
United Nations University via its GEST program is holding a fellowship competition for international researchers. This fellowship is out there for the Gender Equality Studies and educational program (GEST) and students from all the nationalities are welcome to use. The researchers will research the topic areas associated with Gender Equality like sustainability, societal transactions, and human security. This scholarship is merely for researchers, that is, only those candidates can apply who either possess a doctoral degree or have a minimum of 4 years of research experience. The candidates must not have stayed in Iceland for a period of quite a year within the last three years. The applicants need to submit a search proposal at the time of application also as many English proficiency test. The aim is to foster gender equality and social justice through research on its key areas.

• Reykjavik University Scholarships:
Reykjavik University offers scholarships to its students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The undergraduate students who have the very best grades in an examination period are going to be exempted from paying the schooling for subsequent semester. This scholarship is awarded to twenty of the undergraduate students per annum and only applies to first attempts. Meaning if a student performs well but is attempting an equivalent exam for the second time won’t be considered for the scholarship.

The Sustainable Future Scholarship Program is for graduate students and is awarded at the Iceland School of Energy. There are multiple scholarships during this program. Some are sponsored by the university and a few are funded from outside sources like Aga Khan Foundation and IPCC.

There is another scholarship called Future Arctic Energy Network Scholarship (FAE) that’s also open for the scholars enrolled at the Iceland School of Energy. It highly competitive and is awarded purely on merit.

How to apply

Scholarship Council Canada has electronic application center, fill in the form and upload your documents. Upon successful application submission you will receive an acknowledgment and electronic payment receipt. Keep it safe as a reference and wait for the outcome. Scholarship Council Canada team will take care of your further process upon qualifying.

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