Scholarships for International Students- Laurier University Canada

Scholarships for International Students- Laurier University Canada

Paying for it All
Getting a university education is an investment in your future. We would like to take a position in you furthermore may. We take financial health seriously and equip students with sound financial knowledge and resources.
There are many funding opportunities available for your first year of university and after. Work-study programs, on-campus jobs, and co-op placements provide support throughout university and make sure you graduate with relevant work experience.


International Scholarships and Awards
Some scholarships and awards are available specifically for international students, including:
Farouk and Dawn Ahamed International Student Scholarship
The Walter Metzger Memorial Bursary Fund
Students’ Union International Student Awards
Inspiring Lives Scholarships
Inspiring Lives Scholarships
Several scholarships are awarded annually to incoming international students who inspire lives of leadership and purpose in their communities and thru extracurricular activities.

Entrance Scholarships

We automatically assess you for an entrance scholarship once you apply to Laurier. Scholarships are supported by your final grades and no application is required. The President’s Gold entrance scholarship, granted upon admission, is worth $5,000 CAD per annum and is renewable for subsequent years, as long as renewal requirements are met annually.
New Laurier Scholars Awards beginning in fall 2021, multiple $10,000 awards are going to be available to first-year direct entry undergraduate students registered in full-time studies. The scholarship is renewable, meaning recipients who maintain the renewal requirements will receive a maximum of $40,000 over the course of their undergraduate course of study.

Upper-Year Scholarships
In your upper years, you’ll automatically be considered for in-course scholarships supported by the mark average (GPA) of your Laurier courses from the previous school year. In-course scholarships begin at a GPA of 10.0 (approximately 80%) and above. you’ll receive between $500 and $1,500 CAD annually.
Competitive Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries
Every year, you’ll apply for competitive scholarships, awards and bursaries by completing a web student profile about yourself. Awards are granted to support the knowledge you provide, including your interests, involvement, financial need, academic achievement, and more. The appliance process begins in June and there are up to 3 profiles to finish once you accept your offer.

Part-Time Employment
You are eligible to use on-campus student positions. Additionally, the International Student Work Experience Program (ISWEP) provides a limited number of international students with part-time employment opportunities on our Waterloo and Brantford campuses. Laurier’s Career Centre also assists international students in exploring and applying to part-time positions off-campus.

Money Management Support
Get confident in managing money through Dollars and Sense, Laurier’s program to assist students to manage their finances. Access resources, workshops, and personalized support for financial planning. You’ll even attend workshops right reception in residence.

How to apply

Scholarship Council Canada has electronic application center, fill in the form and upload your documents. Upon successful application submission, you will receive an acknowledgment and electronic payment receipt. Keep it safe as a reference and wait for the outcome. Scholarship Council Canada team will take care of your further process upon qualifying.

Official Scholarship Council Canada Website:


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