Hungarian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students

Hungarian Government
Deadline: 7 April 2014 (annual)
Study in: Hungary
Course starts AY 2014-2015
Brief description:
Through the Hungarian Scholarship Board Office, the Hungarian Minister of Education and Culture offers scholarships for foreign students and professors of higher education institutions as well as research fellows who intend to gain further professional experience in Hungarian institutions of higher education or research. Scholarships can be applied for under two systems:
Bilateral Agreements: Scholarships are awarded to citizens of countries (and territories) that have a valid/effective educational co-operation programme with Hungary, or a bilateral agreement signed by the Hungarian Government or the Ministry of Education and Culture of Hungary and the relevant ministry of the given country (or territory).
Scholarship Pool: Various types of scholarships are available to students from selected countries/territories.
Scholarships are available for (A) semester/partial studies; (B) postgraduate studies – research; (C1) full PhD programmes; (C2) partial PhD studies; (D) postdoctoral studies – research; (E) research stay; and (F) summer courses.
Host Institution(s):
Hungarian Higher Education Institutions
Field(s) of study:
These scholarships allow for study or research in any field of arts and sciences during the granted period at an accredited Hungarian higher education or research institution to be determined in advance.
Target group:
Countries eligible under Scholarship Pool: Albania, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korean Republic, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Republic of the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America.
Countries with Bilateral Agreements: China, Columbia, Mongolia, Palestine, Yemen, and Vietnam.
Scholarship value/inclusions:
A. Semester/partial studies (3-10 months)
HUF 40,460 stipend per month, paid by the host institution, and student hostel accommodation in a university residence hall paid by the scholarship-holder.
B. Postgraduate studies, research (3-21 days or 1-10 months)
HUF 79,200 stipend per month and HUF 70 000 accommodation allowance per month, for scholarships 21 days or shorter, accommodation allowance, and a stipend of HUF 3000/day. These amounts are paid by the HSB Office.
C/1. Full PhD programme (36 months)
HUF 100,000 per month, paid by the host institution, and student hostel accommodation in a university residence hall paid by the scholarship-holder
C/2. Partial PhD studies (12 months)
HUF 100,000 per month, paid by the host institution, and student hostel accommodation in a university residence hall paid by the scholarship-holder.
D. Postdoctoral studies, research (1-10 months)
HUF 118,800 per month and HUF 80,000 accommodation allowance per month, paid by the HSB Office.
E. Research stay (3-21 days or 1-10 months)
HUF 118,800 per month, and HUF 80,000 accommodation allowance per month, for scholarships lasting 21 days or shorter, accommodation allowance and a stipend of HUF 3000/day. These amounts are paid by the HSB Office.
F. Summer courses in 2013 (1-4 weeks)
Tuition-free courses, free accommodation, and meals.
NOTE: The scholarship is meant to cover the living expenses of one person only, so there is no available financing or visa exemption for accompanying members of the family or any other persons. Neither visa-related fees nor any other costs related to the grantee’s stay in Hungary shall be compensated for. Travel expenses to Hungary and back to the country of origin are not covered by the Hungarian Scholarship Board.
Citizens of all other countries staying in Hungary for more than 1 month are covered for medical treatment in case of a sudden illness. Except for emergency cases, none of the costs of dental care are covered. Scholarship-holders staying in Hungary for less than 1 month are required to make their own arrangements for insurance coverage.
A – semester/partial studies (3-10 months)
Available for: undergraduate (BA/BSc) and graduate (MA/MSc) students (enrolled at foreign higher education institutions), especially those majoring in Hungarian Language and Literature and students participating in a single degree track university programme (such as General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Studies, Veterinary Studies, Architecture, Studies in Law, etc.). Before application, students are required to have completed minimum two semesters at their home institutions. For “Type A” scholarship students may apply only on one occasion during their Bachelor’s studies, and once during their Master’s studies.
B – postgraduate studies, research (3-21 days or 1-10 months)
Available for: applicants holding a Master’s degree or an equivalent university degree, including PhD students who intend to do research for their dissertation and wish to stay in Hungary for less than 10 months. (However, PhD students cannot earn credits during the scholarship period at the host university.)
C/1 – full PhD programme (36 months)
Only students proficient in Hungarian can apply. The scholarship is conditional upon successful entrance exam/ admission to the respective doctoral school.
C/2 – partial PhD studies (10 months)
Applicants must be enrolled in a PhD programme at an accredited higher education institution in their home country or in a foreign country (but not in Hungary).
D – postdoctoral studies, research (1-10 months)
Applicants must hold a PhD or an equivalent degree.
E – research stay (3-21 days or 1-10 months)
Available for associate professors or high-ranking academics as well as researchers holding a minimum of a PhD or an equivalent degree.
F – summer courses in the summer of 2013 (2-4 weeks)
Only courses published in the list of “Summer Courses 2013” on the HSB website can be selected. You may select three different courses but your scholarship will allow you to participate only in one course
Cases for Non-Eligibility
• Foreign citizens with a residence permit or in the course of applying for a residence permit in Hungary cannot apply.
• Men and women, who have an employment contract or employment relationship as defined by the law in Hungary cannot apply
• Students applying for part-time or correspondence study programmes cannot apply.
• Students applying for non-state-financed universities cannot apply.
• Students admitted to tuition fee-paying institutions of higher education cannot apply.
Age Limits for Applicants
• 30 years for scholarships for semester studies
• 40 years for scholarships for postgraduate studies
• 35 years for scholarship for PhD scholarships
• 45 years for postdoctoral scholarships
• There are no age limits for the following types of scholarships: research stays and summer courses.

How to apply

Scholarship Council Canada has electronic application center, fill in the form and upload your documents. Upon successful application submission, you will receive an acknowledgment and electronic payment receipt. Keep it safe as a reference and wait for the outcome. Scholarship Council Canada team will take care of your further process upon qualifying.

Official Scholarship Council Canada Website:

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